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            We are a national provider of health and work solutions. Our allied health professionals across Australia support people with injury, illness or disability to reach their health, wellbeing and employment goals.


            Working together

            Our client-centred services support thousands of people every year to maximise their potential and reach their goals.




            IPAR works closely with insurers, agents and brokers to achieve timely and sustainable return to work outcomes.

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              National network of permanent offices
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              Tailored services for every individual client
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              Industry leading
              results and performance
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              Consistent, high quality service delivery
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              Ongoing innovation and
              thought leadership


            Covid Matters 3

            COVID Matters Newsletter Edition 3

            The latest edition of our COVID Matters newsletter sees IPAR…
            Logo of Psychology by IPAR

            Psychology by IPAR opens doors to support community with mental health

            A growing number of Australians are experiencing poor mental…
            COVID-19 Information and Planning

            COVID-19 Information and Planning

            IPAR is taking a precautionary approach to managing the spread…


            “IPAR offers the most extensive geographic coverage. This reach has greatly assisted us in supporting not only our metropolitan clients, but also our large regional client base. We have no hesitation in recommending the services of IPAR to any business that is serious about improving its return to work outcomes.


            “Being self-insured under Comcare brings a number of heavily regulated requirements. We actively measure current progress with claims and rehabilitation against these requirements. IPAR have been instrumental in achieving these requirements and for this reason, IPAR is my provider of choice.”

            Media Wiki

            Got feedback for IPAR? We would love to hear from you

            Your feedback help us improve our services and help more people like you.

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