Assisting you to make a successful career transition from the ADF

IPAR is an approved provider of Job Search and Preparation Program (JSPP) training courses, Curriculum Vitae Coaching (CVC) and Career Transition and Management Coaching (CTMC) services to members of the Australian Defence Force.

Welcome to IPAR’s ADF Career Transition 万博2.0苹果版

At IPAR, we understand the military experience and recognise the challenges you may face as you prepare to transition to civilian work and life. We have a long history of assisting military, paramilitary, emergency and protective services personnel through their career transitions, and the wider experience of supporting over 27,000 people to settle into lasting employment. It is our aim to work closely with you, tailoring our services to your needs, so that you and your family can experience as seamless a transition as possible.

Why choose IPAR?

On any given day, our Australia-wide coaches are helping hundreds of individuals who are undergoing changes in their work circumstances and careers. This means we have an up-to-the-minute knowledge of the job market, and know the skills that are in demand, the employers that are hiring, and importantly, how to translate your skills and experience to these opportunities. Whether you have come to us for JSPP, CVC or CTMC, we will impart this knowledge to you, and prepare you for your chosen career path.

One of the benefits of working with IPAR is that in the vast majority of cases, our services can be delivered face-to-face. With over 55 offices in every state and territory across Australia, it is likely that we have an office located near you, and you will enjoy all the benefits that come from a personalised, face-to-face, local service, including:

  • Ease of communication
  • A greater level of understanding between you and your consultant
  • An improved insight into the local employment market that only comes from working with an experienced, local consultant who is ‘on the ground’ in your community

Learn more about Career Transition and Management Coaching (CTMC)

CTMC focuses on establishing your future career goals and then developing the skills you will need to get there. The service is highly tailored and individualised, ensuring that the next stage in your professional life is specific to you, and that you gain the skills you need to independently and successfully seek the work that meets your career goals.

Key services provided under CTMC include:

  • Development of a Career Transition Plan
  • Identification of transferable skills, how to take your military skills and experience, translate these into non-military roles.
  • Job Search strategies and advice
  • Interview skills
  • Career options and job placement advice
  • How to cope with change and managing stress throughout the career transitioning and job seeking process

Learn more about Job Search and Preparation Program (JSPP)

IPAR delivers two-day training courses under the Job Search and Preparation Program. The purpose of the course is to ensure that members who are electing to leave the military can receive appropriate upskilling and coaching to assist with their career transition. The courses are facilitated by experienced IPAR trainers, facilitated in 20 plus locations in all states and territories across Australia. IPAR has been facilitating these courses since October 2016.

Over two days, members receive education and upskilling in:

  • Resume development
  • How to write and complete application letters
  • Preparation and performance for interviews
  • Job search strategies and advice
  • Understanding the key differences between military and civilian employment

The following are just some of the positive feedback that has been provided through the course evaluation process:

  • “I am so glad I attended this course, I learnt so much”
  • “An excellent and worthwhile two days that I will highly recommend to others”
  • “It was a positive course that has built my confidence in applying for civilian jobs”
  • “Every member leaving the ADF should do this course”

Following the course, all participants are eligible for additional one-on-one coaching. This additional coaching is an opportunity to target specific job seeking needs for the individual member and consolidates their learnings from the course.

Interested in attending a JSPP training course near you?

ADF members can register their interest in JSPP attendance by filling out the Request for Quote form at the bottom of this webpage. Alternatively, please contact your local transition office for advice on courses dates near you.

Learn more about Curriculum Vitae Coaching (CVC)

The purpose of CVC is to assist you to develop an industry-specific CV that is market competitive and will enhance your job seeking efforts.

An important part of the process is to review and clarify your education, employment and skills. We will assess any gaps and help you to fill out any areas where there may be a lack of detail.

We will also work through:

  • The importance of tailoring your CV to specific roles and how to convey key information
  • General CV presentation style, including layout, font type and size, and potential templates
  • The importance of succinct and relevant content, (and spelling and grammar checks)
  • The best way to print and present your CV
  • The actual drafting of your CV

CVC can be provided as a standalone 2 hour service to CTAS Level 2 & 3 members, or can be provided alongside CTMC services.

How do I get started with IPAR for Career Transition 万博2.0苹果版 ?

The first step is to fill out the form below providing IPAR with your contact details and how we can assist with your career transition. Based off this information, we will provide a quote to you within 24 hours. You will need to follow the internal process for unit and CTAS sign off for approval of these services / quote.

Upon confirmation of service approval, email the approval minute to and an appointment at your local IPAR office is arranged (see all our locations here). Before the first appointment, you may be asked to complete a pre-assessment questionnaire and/or skills audit. These documents provide information to your IPAR consultant about your experience, qualifications and skills. If these are required, you will be provided with a copy of the document with your appointment confirmation letter.

Request a quote for ADF services

  • Please note that if you have served over 12+ you are eligible for both CVC and CTMC services.